What our customers have to say about us:

Oliver Gross, Manager Sales Operations EMEA
Abbott Medical Optics

“I have worked with Härle IT for more than 15 years. During this time, they have developed software solutions specifically designed to meet our requirements, some of which are very complex. Some examples are: a calculation tool for equipment; a database application for the management of equipment, a sales planning tool for sales staff in the field, analysis tools for information regarding costs or consignment warehousing, which must be compiled from various data sources; tools for the conversion and processing of files from different systems.

I can confirm that in all these projects the results were, without exception, a simple, intuitive application that perfectly matched our expectations and, indeed, often surpassed them. Thanks to the many years of cooperation and the resulting, thorough knowledge of our system, Härle IT has been in a position to make a vital contribution to improving our performance with the solutions they have supplied. I would particularly underline the high quality of their products. Everything is tested thoroughly and in detail, and one can be certain that there will be no surprises caused by software errors.”

Dr. Stefan Menzl, Director International Regulatory Affairs
Abbott Medical Optics

“What began as a basic licence database for Europe on our LAN, has developed into a more comprehensive, individually-designed Registration Manager that is now used world-wide.

We have come to know Härle IT as a most reliable and flexible partner, above all, one who ‘speaks our language’ and is therefore able to rapidlyunderstand and implement our software requirements."

Claudia Metzger, Financial Planning & Analysis Manager DACH
C. R. Bard GmbH

“By attending an ‘Advanced MS Excel Workshop’ taught by Mrs Härle, we learnt how to analyse our data even more efficiently. However, some divisions of our company had large data volumes and calculating models that were too complicated to be processed with Excel. Härle IT has developed calculation software for us that is easy to use and is specially tailored to our requirements. Word of their uncomplicated approach and the quality of their software solution has spread around the company, and Härle IT is now also working for some of our other departments.”

Dieter Kraft, General Manager
Santen GmbH

"Ten years ago Härle IT produced a precise reporting tool for our Sales Department that has been further developed and adapted to new requirements (for example, logistics and distribution) over the years.

Härle IT has proven to be a very competent, reliable and pragmatic partner. Their practical experience, which culminates in many ideas for solutions, deserves a special mention. Thanks to Härle IT’s many years of practical experience, it is not necessary to explain everything in minute detail. This saves a great deal of time, as Härle IT can immediately implement the information in the form of a practical software solution.”

Dr Vera Goclik, Specialist for the Licensing of Pharmaceutical products, Expert Regulatory Affairs
Schaper & Brümmer GmbH & Co. KG

“After a presentation of the demo application of the Registration Manager from Härle IT, we decided to acquire this software for the management of our licencing data. The software was adapted according to our specifications for an acceptable price. Further development and modifications were always carried out promptly. We would especially like to mention the good communication (also with those who are not IT specialists) and that in all our dealings with them they are always friendly and straightforward.”