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With our individual software solutions and with sure instinct, we will optimize your internal procedures. The result: software that enables you to work efficiently and is easy to use (customized solutions).

Let yourself be persuaded by our high-capacity software solutions that do not require major systems applications. The focus of our solutions is the best description of work flows, ease of installation and intuitive usage.

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  • Pivot-Analyzer

    Do you want to make a fast and random analysis of data tables? Are you presently using the pivot table from Microsoft Excel and finding it rather clumsy?

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  • Project Planner

    Are you looking for a simple project planning tool that focuses on the most essential aspects?

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  • Contract Manager

    Contract management made easy – with this application you can manage, monitor and analyse contracts effortlessly and, if required, draw up new contracts.

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  • Event-Manager

    The professional tool for every type of event. Pragmatic and convenient, with uncomplicated participant management, stringent monitoring of deadlines and a huge range of print versions etc.
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  • Excel-Chaos

    Does this sound familiar? Important business information is stored in long and confusing lists and sometimes you feel as if you are losing control?
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