Standard software solutions

Take a look at our software for a wide range of operating requirements. Whether for the support of administrative and management tasks, events, conferences or for the analysis of data extracts (for instance, from SAP): each of our software solutions can be used pragmatically and intuitively.

We have redeveloped and standardized some of our customer-specific solutions. Individual adjustments are, of course, always possible here.

Here are some examples of solutions that we have already implemented and which can be integrated individually into any work environment:

Contract Manager

A tool for the production, maintenance, administration and monitoring of contracts of every type. Reliable management of legally verified contract drafts.

Event Manager

Easy-to-use software solution for the maintenance and administration of events and event participants. Issue of individual confirmations of registration, lists of participants, certificates etc. at the touch of a button. Comprehensive analysis of search options for events and participants.

Registration Manager

The Registration Manager handles the processes within a company which relate to product licensing. The software supports the administration, analysis and monitoring of deadlines for licensing data and the associated projects (renewals, variations etc.)

Project Planner

An easy-to-use planning tool for directing projects and relevant activities. The activities can be planned according to dates or in a specified order (recurrent project types and associated activities). It goes without saying that a reminder function is included. On request with a calendar and a Gantt chart.

Pivot Analyser

A tool for importing and analysing large volumes of data from other systems (such as SAP)