Our aim

We are not satisfied until the software is operating smoothly in the function for which it was intended. We are always available with help and advice, and we involve our customer’s employees in the solution process right from the start.

The results: a high degree of practicability and acceptance for our software at the workplace

How we work

We develop your software step by step and with a high level of practical orientation.

Through initial consultations and the inclusion of the user in the process, the outlay for installation and implementation of our software solutions is very small.

When implementing solutions, collaboration with our customers usually includes the following phases:

  1. the first pricing indication based on the estimated budget volume
  2. analysis of the work flow in the company environment; discussions with the users
  3. comparison of target and actual performance for the individual requirements of the software. On this basis, the catalogue of requirements is developed as a provision for the implementation of the project.
  4. development of a prototype in order to clarify details
  5. quality assurance and a supervised test phase to ensure correct functioning of the software

 After in-house training, the deployment of the new software can go ahead.